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Gardening Secrets & Philosophy

Windowless wall dressed with artistic mirror, antique shutters, and custom flowerbox.

A rose is a weed if you're trying to grow peas.

Plant sod green-side up.

Two types of Red Tips: dead ones and those that will be.

Herb garden with custom metal retaining boxes.

Plant junipers only at K-mart.  Martha deserves them.

If you have lemons, make lemonade.

If you can't fix it, feature it.

No problems, only opportunity.

Gardens evolve forever, children only once.

Discipline both as needed.

BoScapes has no clients.  Lawyers and hookers do...

The outcome is the same with varying prices and feelings.

My apology to all lawyers.

Power to the self-employed.

Only residents in the state of Washington have irrigation systems that work.

Pine trees are 2x4's waiting to happen.

Raising roses is as hard as raising children.

Plant bamboo only if you own Panda Bears.

Bradford pears should be outlawed.

Bermuda cure -> move.

Eat meat.  The West wasn't won on lettuce.

You win some and lose some, some get rained-out...

but you dress-out for all of them.

Thank-you for visiting and please do so again.

BoScaping madness will continue and maybe your garden will make the show.


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